Emme Italia was established in 1995. Emme Italia collaborates with local crafts, in an area where the production of drafting machines is traditional since the 60s, forming a 30 years experienced team and also partnerships with international companies. For over 20 years Emme Italia is a leading firm in technical drawing furniture design and metal furniture.

  • Maurizio Barison Emme Italia

  • Maurizio Barison worked in the 80s to develop prototypes for Bieffe and Bieffeplast, working with the most important designers in the world. In the early 90s he was technical director of Zucor drafting machines. In 1995 he founded Emme Italia.
    In 2001 the decision to transfer the Emme Italia factory in former Bieffe and Bieffeplast headquarters. A return to the past and at the same time a strategic project for the future: to combine tradition and innovation, to give continuity to the production of drafting machines, and also to expand the vision to a wider industrial project.
    In 2004 Emme Italia offered to professional customers a new and wider range of products, from the drawing board to the chest of drawers in large format, from office furniture to tailored museum solutions.
    In 2009 the Design Management project implemented since 2004 by Emme Italia, was awarded in Eindhoven with the honorable mention at DME Award in Micro Companies category.
    In 2015, to celebrate 20 years of activity in workplace design, Emme Italia presented a new system of office furniture with a strong personality: Emmesystem by Emme Italia.

  • Alessandro Barison Emmesystem

  • Alessandro Barison collaborates with Emme Italia since 1997. From 2006 to 2009 he attended courses, workshops and the Master in Creative Design at SID – Scuola Italiana Design – in Padova, working with international companies. Since 2010 is ADI Member, the Italian Association for Industrial Design. Since 2013 he collaborates in teaching and training projects with national and international institutions.

    Design is a buzzword, increasingly confused with other words such as style and invention. We forget that design means, first of all, to project. In all companies, especially in SMEs, design culture is a strategic challenge. In everyday life, to be able to recognize the real design is increasingly complex. Thanks to the driving force of Design, you can create unexpected opportunities, at work and in everyday life.
 Design is passion, culture, method and innovation, Design is the tool to challenge difficulties of this new millennium. We want to express our design experience with simple, iconic objects, because design is for everyone.

  • Company Profile Mobili Metallici Emme Italia

  • Company Profile

    For us, a catalog is not a simple marketing tool, it is a way of telling about ourselves and our approach to work. Our company profile tells Emme Italia’s 25 years of passion in the production of metal furniture for school, office and contract.


Emme Italia products are selected by important companies in the world of design, architecture, fashion and art to create workplace design and interior design projects with industrial connotation. Thanks to a timeless style, the Emme Italia products can be selected for furnishing many different contexts: office, workshop, museum, showroom, loft. Emme Italia, thanks to a consolidated network of partners, is able to design tailored solutions, especially for workspaces and exhibition areas.

    • Giorgio Armani S.p.A. – Milano, Italy
    • Giorgio Armani Retail S.r.l. – Spain
    • Manufactures Dior S.r.l. – Padova, Italy
    • Dolce & Gabbana – Padova, Italy
    • Chanel – Milano, Italy
    • Calzedonia – Verona, Italy
    • Fondazione Progetto Marzotto – Vicenza, Italy
    • Soprintendenza B.A.P. – Milano, Italy
    • Shepperton Studios – Shepperton, England
    • Simone Bellan Design Studio – Padova, Italy
    • Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A. – Milano, Italy
    • Giorgetto Giugiaro – Cuneo, Italy
    • Cino Zucchi Architetti – Milano, Italy
    • Lissoni Associati – Milano, Italy
    • La Biennale Archives – Venezia, Italy
    • Accademia di Belle Arti – Venezia, Italy
    • La Triennale Archives – Milano, Italy
    • Vatican Museums – Città del Vaticano
    • Jewish Museum – Roma, Italy
    • Military Geographical Institute – Firenze, Italy
    • Amsterdam City Archives and Royal Dutch Army – Netherlands
    • Platform Architecture & Design – Milano, Italy
    • Real Time TV (Cerco Casa Disperatamente) – Milano, Italy
    • A+D+M Network (Publicomm S.r.l.) – Milano, Italy
    • Coworking Jamko – Milano, Italy
    • Manuel Bottazzo Design – Padova, Italy
    • O Bag (Full Spot) – Padova, Italy
    • Atelier ArkArt – Verona, Italy
    • Mac2 Formazione – Padova, Italy
    • Sonar Italia – Padova, Italy
    • Sead – Milano, Italy
    • Architetto Tombolan & Associati – Padova, Italy
    • Cadline Software – Padova, Italy
    • Studio Crescendo – Padova, Italy