Furniture for museums and galleries

Furniture for museums and galleries.

Our range of technical metal furniture dedicated to museums and archives, take place inside a wide typology of cultural spaces. A system of solid and durable furniture for different contexts, to storage, preserve and exhibit works of art, objects and materials of different types and dimensions.

Our furnishing products dedicated to museums, art galleries, restoration workshops, institutional and corporate archives, private collections, exhibition stands and itinerant installations, are designed with neutral or customized colour finishes, solid and recyclable raw materials, components that can be easily dis-assembled and re-assembled, replaceable or repairable over time.

An iconic collection of furniture and a wide range of tailor-made solutions such as: bookcases, shelves and cabinets, display and exhibit metal structures, tables and workstations for restoration labs; a wide choice of furniture dedicated to all places where culture and knowledge can be preserved and shared. Our metal furniture products are made in Italy since 1995.

Storage and filing furniture

Large-format drawer units, bookcases, shelves, storage and display cabinets, storage racks, with standard or tailor-made solutions, also on castors. A wide system of furniture dedicated to specific filing needs of museums, historical archives, art galleries, cultural institutions, collectors, universities and restoration workshops.

Modular furniture made of steel, plan file drawers with dimensions up to 3 meters and drawers with a weight capacity up to 120 kilograms. Special drawers with tilting front and magnetic lock, for frames and display cases. Drawer cabinets designed to be compatible with sensors and safety systems. Metal drawer cabinets to file blueprints and paper prints, metal wire frame systems to storage in rolls. Shelves and storage systems for architectural models and large-format art and craft works.

Restoration workshops furniture

Adjustable worktables with heavy-duty motorized systems and customized dimensions. Modular tables and metal stands that can be combined with magnetic systems, made on demand for specific restoration works or for specific conservation activities.

Workstations on wheels, modular or folding solutions to easily re-configure the spaces dedicated to restoration and conservation of artworks or archaeological objects and finds. Back-light workstations with Grapholux led systems. Heavy-duty steel supports and structures made to measure on demand for specific projects, to manage large-scale works, sculptures and archaeological pieces of architecture.

Display solutions

Lockable storage drawer cabinets designed to be easily combined with museum display cases and exhibition systems. Metal stands, racks and structures, tables and trolleys designed for museum display. Furniture solutions suitable to be compatible with lighting systems, sensors and security systems. Flat file drawers and high-capacity drawers with glass top for hybrid solutions of storage and display.

Metal panels and rack structures on wheels. Custom-made steel hangers and hooking elements. Heavy-duty steel bases and stands, platforms and supports for artistic installations, sculptures, archaeological and paleontological finds. Shelves and platforms to storage or display large-format architectural and urban models. Steel-made dividers, partitions, stoppers and barriers, queue guiding systems and visual systems.


Thanks to the long experience in the culture sector and thanks to the collaboration of specialized partner companies, Emme Italia can design steel furniture and metal structures for high-end exhibition, conservation and restoration projects.

In particular, Emme Italia gave his technical contribution to design storage warehouses, laboratories and exhibition spaces, for museums, historical archives and private collectors, in Italy and around the world.

Some examples: La Biennale Archives Venezia, La Triennale Archives Milano, Fondazione Progetto Marzotto, Soprintendenza BAP Milano, Academy of Fine Arts Venezia, IUAV Archivio Progetti Venezia, National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo Da Vinci Milano, Vatican Museums, Jewish Museum Roma, MAXXI Museum Foundation Roma, FS Archives FerServizi Verona, Amsterdam City Archives, Royal Dutch Army, Italian State Mint and Polygraphic Institute, Studio Maestro Arnaldo Pomodoro, Studio Maestro Livio Seguso, Studio Francesco Musante and many more.

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