• Emme Italia produces technical metal furniture

  • Emme Italia produces metal furniture, technical drawing furniture, structures and mechanisms dedicated to furniture field, with a complete work on components and products development, assembling and packaging. Emme Italia collaborates with furniture companies in the production of metal sheet and metal tube structures and components, also chromed or lacquered, with assembling, packaging, and final product delivery. Emme Italia products are fully Made in Italy. Our steel furniture and metal architectures have a minimal design. Screws and handmade welded parts are shown as the sign of the artisan philosophy of our factory. Technology preserved with passion steadily searching for innovative solutions. Timeless objects, where each single piece keeps its uniqueness through handmade details skilfully combined with the industrial process.
    Emme Italia products are designed with packaging for international shipping. Our warehouse is equipped for shipments of individual packages, pallets and loading of containers. Emme Italia distributes its products in major European countries through an established network of distributors. Our distributors have been selected for technical expertise and experience in product knowledge. Emme Italia also distributes its products worldwide through a growing network of international wholesalers.

  • Emme Italia produces technical drawing furniture

  • We manufacture our products mainly in steel, totally recyclable raw material. The painting is made of epoxy powder. The standard colors are white RAL9016, black RAL9005 and gray RAL7035. Other RAL colors are available on request.
    The furniture components are selected for an easy disposal once ended their life cycle. Work surfaces, even executive, are made of recycled chipboard, which ensures low impact on the environment thanks to small formaldehyde emission.
    The strength of the raw materials, the choice of a timeless design, and the choice of neutral superficial finishes, can ensure a very long life cycle for all our products. Another step forward in reducing the industrial impact on nature.
    Thanks to a detailed design of packaging, with components that occupy as little space as possible and regular packaging that facilitate storage, our products help to reduce impact on nature during logistic operations.
    Since 2014, thanks to a solar photovoltaic system, we produce 50% of our energy needs using sustainable sources.

  • Emme Italia headquarters in Padova, near Venice

  • The factory Emme Italia is included in the 60s industrial architecture that housed former Bieffe and Bieffeplast headquarters, with an operative area of about 1000 square meters. In our factory showroom you can get in contact with our products and appreciate the handcrafted details of the furniture objects manufactured in our workshops.

    The place where you decide to do a job is not a trivial choice. There are many factors that can influence this choice. Sometimes these factors mingle together into one fluid important value: Genius Loci. In the holistic view of design management, each company is a living organism that feeds on all that surrounds it: individuals, communities, objects, places. Choosing a place to represent the company is an integral part of the company identity and competitiveness. After a few years in an unnamed laboratory in rent, we chose our place in 2001. We chose an old 60s industrial architecture, established with the renovation of former Bieffe and Bieffeplast headquarters, abandoned by the famous furniture industry after the closure of production activities and the transfer of ownership in France. The choice of this place was not trivial but inspired by Genius Loci. These place have seen the birth and thrive of drawing tables industry for more than thirty years. To continue this relationship between place and industry is our small but important project of workplace design.

  • Company Profile Mobili Metallici Emme Italia

  • Company Profile

    For us, a catalog is not a simple marketing tool, it is a way of telling about ourselves and our approach to work. Our company profile tells Emme Italia’s 25 years of passion in the production of metal furniture for school, office and contract.