Furniture for office and workspace

Furniture for office and workspace.

The range of metal furniture for offices and workspaces made by Emme Italia is a system of solid and durable objects with a modern style, designed for different contexts, completed by custom-made modular solutions. Our furniture products dedicated to the office are featured with a timeless design, neutral colour finishes, and made with fully recyclable raw materials. Main components can be easily dis-assembled and re-assembled, all components are replaceable or repairable over time.

An innovative workplace design project must be able to identify the fundamental values of the customer’s brand and communicate them into architectural and furnishing ideas. The metal office furniture system by Emme Italia is the best choice for creating distinctive interior design projects dedicated to workspaces, workshops, creative ateliers, and coworking environments.

With Emme Italia’s standard and custom-made solutions you can furnish your company spaces with a collection of iconic metal furniture items, handcrafted in Italy, with an industrial and a minimalist flavour.

Corporate workplaces furniture

With our metal furniture you can furnish all your business areas with functional, compact and flexible objects designed for the contemporary workplaces. From office furniture to industrial furniture, from reception areas to meeting spaces, from operative workstations to executive spaces, our products can be declined in all company areas to help the brand to make employees and clients be part of a deeper corporate experience.

Thanks to an industrial timeless style, that can be customized with dedicated technical and aesthetic solutions, the choice of our furnishing products is a far-sighted solution for your company’s interiors. In fact, our metal furniture can give to your corporate project not only a unique and distinctive workplace, but also a durable and ecologically sustainable solution.

Small office and home office furniture

With standing desks and custom-made adjustable tables made by Emme Italia, it is possible to create ergonomic and functional stand-up workstations, designed for small office and home office projects.

Smart-working and agile-work are increasingly widespread: our small desks and tables together with our ergonomic chairs and modern metal accessories such as drawers on castors, can furnish small studio spaces or can be placed at home as a perfect small office set, thanks to a timeless minimal design. Also, the benefits of using a height-adjustable sit-stand desks are not only the reduction of sedentary lifestyle. As specific tests have shown, alternating standing and sitting working moments can help mental concentration, and improves human efficiency.

Our height adjustable desks are available in different dimension and versions, designed both for compact office solutions to optimize small spaces, and for executive solutions that permit to easily change your daily workstation in a temporary meeting table. We produce desks and tables both with fixed or adjustable height, with mechanical or electric solutions. Mechanical adjust systems are designed thanks to our deep know-how on drafting tables production. Electric standing desks with motorized solutions are made in collaboration with Linak®

Meeting rooms furniture

Business meeting areas are evolving from former specific spaces to innovative holistic spaces, ready to support creative, learning and collaborative team activities. Traditional executive meeting tables and chairs must be combined with hybrid workplace solutions dedicated to informal meeting, video conference, and lounge areas.

Our metal furniture products, thanks to a timeless modern style and standard or custom-made solutions, can improve flexibility and push a more effective team-based office environment.

Executive office furniture

The traditional individual office workstation adapts to the contemporary workplace needs, changing into a private safe place to follow activities that require concentration or privacy. A compact desk, an under-desk drawer with lock, and an ergonomic office chair, together with specific acoustic complements, can be the best set-up for a private workplace, both for operative and executive solutions.

Shared office and coworking furniture

Traditional open-plan offices are more and more becoming hybrid and holistic places dedicated to sharing ideas and team-based collaboration. The shared desk is a support to business activities and permit a deep knowledge connection between employees and colleagues. Flexible and modular furniture, also on castors, permit to easily change office layout configuration. Our workstations are designed to match the needs of contemporary creative offices and coworking projects.

Storage and filing furniture

The dematerialization of paper documents has radically changed the needs of business archives and administrative offices. In the contemporary office, cabinets, bookcases, shelves and drawers, are more and more pieces of furniture dedicated to place daily documents and furniture elements to divide working spaces.

For small or private office storage solutions, compact cabinets and under desk storage drawers can be combined with our range of desks and task chairs to realize a complete basic office set. At the same time, company archives still have a wide number of confidential paper documents or precious samples to file. Our metal furnishings, standard or custom-made, are the best solution for all storage needs.

Workplace design

Designing offices is not just about organizing the office environment with a rational layout and a style that represents the client’s aesthetic taste. An innovative workplace design project must enhance all the resources of the company, must identify their fundamental values, and transfer them into spatial, architectural and furnishing ideas.

Designing offices means, first of all, designing relationships: between humans, between people and space, between people and objects, between people and daily work instruments.

Thanks to the collaboration with selected suppliers, Emme Italia can give its technical and creative contribution in the development of innovative workplace design projects.

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